Dates: 05-06.10.2019
Various venues and locations

Saint-Petersburg Art Weekend is a platform that showcases leading prominent museums, institutions and art spaces that will present special programs, events and pop-up exhibitions.

The event aims to demonstrate the potential of St.Petersburg art scene to a wider local and international audiences.


Art Weekend sites
Anna Nova Gallery
Address: Jukovskogo street, 28
Owner: Anna Barinova
Director: Elena Strygina
Year of founding: 2005

The gallery works and collaborates with Russian and foreign artists and curators, since 2006 every two years it holds a Nova Art Contest for young artists.

Aiming to provide a significant international audience for its artists, the gallery regularly participates Russian, European and Asian contemporary art fairs, such as Vienna Art Fair, Art London, ARCO Madrid, Contemporary Istanbul Art Fair, COSMOSCOW, etc.
Marina Gisich Gallery
Address: nab. R. Fontanka, 121
Founder and Director: Marina Gisich
Year of founding: 2000

Marina Gisich Gallery is known for its cooperation with large institutions of contemporary art in Russia, Europe and USA.

The gallery actively promotes contemporary art from St. Petersburg on both Russian and international stages, often participates in international fairs: ARCO Madrid, Spain, Volta NY, USA, Art Miami, USA, Art Paris, France, Vienna Fair, Austria; Istanbul Contemporary, Turkey; Cosmoscow, Russia.
Myth Gallery
Address: 61, Chaykovskogo str.
Founders: Yulia Vyatkina, Olga Profatilo
Director: Olga Profatilo
Year of founding: 2019

New gallery of contemporary art in St. Petersburg, which specializes in the display and sale of young artists from St. Petersburg and Moscow. For many artists it will be the first experience of working with a serious art institution.

A gallery of available art was opened by the art historians Julia Vyatkina Olga Provatelo, whose path to his own gallery, went through 10 years of experience in the most famous gallery of St. Petersburg, Marina Gisich gallery.
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Name Gallery
Address: 2, Bolshaya Konyushennaya st.
Founders: Oksana Korneeva, Lyubov Korneeva, Natalia Ershova
Director: Natalia Ershova
Year of founding: 2011

Name Gallery is known for the active support of the St. Petersburg art community. Also, work with cultural institutions takes place within the framework of the implementation of art projects outside the gallery. For example, in 2016, the gallery took part in the V St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum.

The gallery takes an active part in international fairs and programs: COSMOSCOW 2018, COSMOSCOW 2017, COSMOSCOW 2016, Art Paris Art Fair 2015, Art Paris Art Fair 2014.

New Holland Island
Address: Admiralteysky Canal Embankment, 2

190000, Saint Petersburg

Address: 3rd Sovetskaya Street 2
Artist-run space
Founders: Ilya Grishaev, Irina Aksenova
Year of founding: 2016

The non-profit project began as a friendly project. Exhibition space made in the former art workshop, the floor space is not more than 5 square meters. FFTN is the smallest contemporary art gallery in St. Petersburg. The gallery organizes exhibitions not only artists from St. Petersburg but also come art workers from other cities.

One of the features of the gallery is an unusual type of visit. Space organizers don't have time to always be in the gallery, so all visitors must find a common key and enter the art space.

Kunsthalle nummer sieben
Address: Bol'shaya Zelenina Ulitsa, 21
Website: kunsthallesieben
Artist-run space
Founders: Art Group "North 7", Tatiana Chernomordova.
Year of founding: 2019

Kunsthalle nummer sieben has the atmosphere of a Berlin nightclub, a territory of freedom without rules and laws. The gallery space should become a center for young artists, sculptors, musicians from different cities.

In the new gallery will show installations, sound art, video art and change the space of the room. The gallery organizes exhibitions of only young and unknown artists.

Rosa's House of Culture
Adress: Bol'shaya Raznochinnaya Ulitsa, 24
Founder: Art group Chto Delat
Year of foundation: 2014

The Chto Delat initiative aimed at creating a community of friends united in the process of creative activity and self-education. The project is based on the history of Houses of Culture in the socialist countries, the current experience of anti-capitalist development of social centers in Europe and Latin America and the trends of progressive art-institutions aimed at the development of alternative audiences of contemporary art. ROSA's space is a place for various workshops, seminars and exhibitions and it is a platform for holding all sorts of public events (lectures, film screenings, discussions, parties). In the ROSA Culture Centre there is a School of Involved Art, as well as a unique open library of contemporary art and activist literature.
The Aperto Masters Reading Room
Address: Italianskaya st, 17. Masters School
Founder: Elena Yushina
Year of founding: 2014

The Aperto Masters Reading Room is a bridge to Aperto Raum exhibition space in Berlin and a place for researching contemporary art that houses an original collection of books, posters, films, records, etc. The collection was compiled in collaboration with the members of Aperto's advisory board: artists, curators, museum directors, critics, and collectors united by the idea of generating and supporting cultural dialogue and educational initiatives. A part of the Aperto Masters Reading Room's collection was formerly the library of Manifesta 10, the biennale of European contemporary art that took place at the State Hermitage Museum in 2014. As part of its research work, the Aperto Masters Reading Room will be organizing public readings, conversations, and archival exhibitions.
The Aperto Masters Reading Room is open and free to all visitors.
Address: Bol'shaya Morskaya Ulitsa, 45
Founders: Maria Revzina, Andrey Shabanov and Olga Goryunova.
Year of founding: 2017

WöD is a cabinet of graphic arts in a bar setting. Here one can browse and acquire drawings, watercolors, prints, photographs, collages and other works on paper, all of which are produced by contemporary Russian artists. It also presents the works of authors living in Helsinki and in London.

WöD builds up a bookshelf based on artists' choices, and runs exhibitions in various locations around the city.
Sergey Kuryokhin Contemporary Art Center
Adress: Ligovsky pr., 73, 4th floor
Sergey Kuryokhin Contemporary Art Center, named after the outstanding avant-garde musician and composer Sergey Kuryokhin, was founded in St. Petersburg in 2004.
Main aim of the Center is to unite talented contemporary art representatives by providing diverse possibilities for the representation of both collaborative and individual art approaches.
Kuryokhin Center actively works on the promotion of contemporary art in Russia and abroad, supporting theatrical and artistic projects, conducting international festivals, including SKIF (Sergey Kuryokhin International Festival), Electro-Mechanica and Sergey Kuryokhin Contemporary Art Award.
DiDi Gallery
Address: 62, Bolshoy prospect V.O.
Founder and Director: Revaz Zhvaniya
Established: 2003

DiDi Gallery is one of the first professional galleries in St. Petersburg, specializes in the non-official underground art of Moscow and Leningrad during the second half of the 20th century. The DiDi gallery's art collection is formed of many valuable, high-quality pieces. The names of their creators have made Russian art history throughout the past century, and are now not only presented in museums in Russia but throughout the world, including the leading auction houses.
The second direction of the gallery is a development of the contemporary Russian art. The curators of the gallery intentionally alternate the projects of well-known masters with the exhibitions of young talented artists, setting high selection criteria.
DiDi Gallery regularly provides works for various museum projects and helps form private collections. In May 2019, the gallery took part in the large-scale art show Da! Moscow.
Address: Ligovsky Ave, 53
Founder and director: The "Free Culture" Society
Year of founding: 1989

"Pushkinskaya-10" is an independent cultural center that unites the creative potential of contemporary art galleries, concert venues, theater projects and studios of famous artists and musicians.

Pushkinskaya-10 is home to the world's first Museum of nonconformist art.
In 2012 the St. Petersburg Art Residency program was launched at the art center.
The Pushkinskaya-10 is member of many professional organizations and actively collaborates with international partners in researching and promoting contemporary art.

Cultural Center Gromov
Address: Ulitsa Gromova, 4
Founder: Igor Sukhanov Director: Dmitry Milnov
Year of founding: 2016

Cultural Center Gromov is an art space for exhibitions, concerts, theater productions, seminars, round-table discussions, meet-the-artist sessions and business meetings.

One of the most important activities of the DC Gromov is the collaboration with contemporary art collectors and the presentation of works from private collections. In 2018, the DC Gromov initiated the creation of an informal community of St. Petersburg collectors. At DK Gromov, we also exhibit our own collection of contemporary fine art.
Street Art Research Institute
Founders: Albina Motor, Polina Yozh, Mikhail Astakhov
Year of founding: 2016

Street Art Research Institute was founded by independent curators and producers to develop various forms of art in the urban environment, in the public space.

The activities of the Institute are related to the tasks of changing the appearance of modern cities, promoting the uniqueness and individuality of the urban environment of a particular place, especially in areas of typical development.
The center of attention of the Institute's programs are three equally important objects: human — art — street.
The Freud's Dreams museum
Address: Bolshoy Prospekt, 18А
Founders: Victor Mazin, Vladimir Kustov.
Музей Фрейда.jpg

The Freud's Dreams museum was opened on 4 November, 1999 during the centenary of the first publication of «Interpretation of dreams». St. Petersburg Museum is definitely connected with two other
Freud's museums – in Vienna and in London but unlike those museums has no links to any certain place where Freud lived, or any personal belongings. It relates to his ideas, theories and dreams.
There are 2 halls in the museum: the introductory room where excursions about Freud's biography and psychoanalysis take place and the hall of dreams which recreates the atmosphere of dreams. Visitors may experience their own unconsciousness here. At the museum lectures of speakers well-known in the field of psychoanalytic theory take place.
Address: Grazhdanskaya Ulitsa, 13-15
Founders and director: Sheremetova Nadezhda
Year of founding: 2006

FotoDepartament is a non-profit organization.
The founders of the project see the main goal of the structure in supporting and developing all areas of Russian photography: from education to art criticism.

FotoDepartament works in projects: educational projects, FotoDepartament gallery, active exhibition activities at home and abroad, the formation of a unique library of materials on photography in Russia.
Museum of street art
Address: Shosse Revolyutsii, 84AB
Founder: Andrey Zaitsev Director: Tatyana Pinchuk
Year of founding: 2012

The Museum of street art is a unique territory of art that combines gallery space, street culture and industrial aesthetics.

The mission of the museum is to contribute to the creation, preservation and study of works of art, rethinking current world artistic processes and transmitting new ideas through exhibitions and the work of artists.
Youth Centre Kvadrat
Adress: Peredovikov st., 16 k2
Founder and director: Maria Kuts
Year of founding: 2017

The Youth Centre Kvadrat was opened in February 2017, it is a three-story building with a total area of 2598.6 sq.m. YC provides only free services, works 7 days a week, without days off. Currently, the YC contingent is more than 3,500 people a month, the group in vk is more than 30 thousand people. YC gives the opportunity to choose classes in one place in different directions: physical education and sport, creativity, technology (currently more than 20 directions). YC gives young people the opportunity to implement their own projects: from volunteering and lecturing to the implementation of business ideas and start-ups. YC also promotes youth representatives, organizing exhibitions of young artists, photographers, inventors, organizing participation in international exhibitions.
Pig Snout Gallery
Address:Fontanka river embankment, 5
Founder: Kolhui art grou
Director: Nikolay Kopeykin
Year of founding: 2016

In 2002, the artists Nikolai Kopeikin, Andrei Kagadeev, Vladimir Medvedev organized the KOLHUi group, which today includes about 20 people. Residents of the group work in the Mitkov tradition, revealing the peculiarities of Russian life.

The gallery hosts exhibitions KOLHUi, in addition to gallery activities, the space carries out a number of educational projects, organizing master classes and drawing courses for children.
Sklad 17

Address: Liteyniy avenue, 18
Coffee bar and Gallery
Founder and director:Daniel Bondar
Year of founding: 2018

"Sklad 17" combines a coffee shop, gallery and lecture hall. In the exhibition space every month is the opening of the exhibition of contemporary art. "Sklad 17" provides an opportunity for free to little-known but talented young artists to showcase their work and implement projects in a gallery in the city center.

In the lecture hall "Sklad 17" they organize creative meetings, poetic evenings, performances, hold lectures with invited speakers, organize presentations of books and movieshows.
Masters School
Address: Ital'yanskaya Ulitsa, 17
Founders and director: Bondareva Polina
Year of founding: 2015

The Masters School since its inception has led a number of educational projects, attracting and shaping an audience interested in both the history of art and the current state of the art segment of Russia and the world.

The school works with any age category, carrying out activities not only within the framework of lecture courses, it's possible to sign up for master classes, excursions in cities of Russia and Europe.
Benua 1890 public space
Address: Benua Garden. Intersection of Svetlanovsky and Tikhoretsky avenues.
Benua 1890 public space - is a new life of Benua Lesnaya Dairy Farm.
Today, Benua 1890 includes several projects:
- Benua Art Garden
- Benua Art Garden
- Benua Art Garden Open Lecture Hall
- Benua School
- Benua Farm Family Restaurant
- Benuariki Project: publication of children's books, production of goods and souvenirs, production of cartoon series with the heroes of the magical country of Benua.
- Store and online store Benua Shop
- Mobile application Benua 1890 using augmented reality technology
- Covorking space

Abramova gallery
Address: 3, Krasnogvardeyskaya sq. ArtPlay. 3 floor, Е3-130
Founder and director: Elena Abramova
Year of founding: 2018

This is an exhibition space, where works by leading Russian artists - painters, graphic artists, sculptors, and young authors starting their professional path are on display.

Preference is given to artists associated with traditional painting and the language of "visual thinking": ambiguous, sensual, irrational.

CEC ArtsLink
Address: Rubinstein St, 6, apt. 1
Director: Simon Dove
Year of founding: 1962

CEC ArtsLink is an international cultural exchange organization with offices in New York and St. Petersburg, Russia. The organizationsupportsand producesprograms that encourage the exchange of visual and performing artists and cultural managers in the United States and 37 countries overseas.

The office in St. Petersburg directs the Back Apartment Arts Residency Program, the annual Art Prospect Festival of public art, and a variety of educational projects in the region.
D137 Art Club
Address: 15-17, Rubinstein str.
Founders and director: Olga Osterberg
Year of founding: 1996

D137 is one of the oldest galleries of contemporary art in St. Petersburg founded in 1996. D137 collaborated with the artists of the younger generation of St. Petersburg's underground and organized many interesting exhibitions and events, such as solo exhibitions of Timur Novikov, Georgy Guryanov, Vladislav Mamyshev-Monroe, Sergey Sergeev, Olga Tobreluts, as well as Edward Lucy-Smith, Ronnie Wood (The Rolling Stones) and others. D137 was engaged in the support of young artists and publishing. In 2010 the gallery was transformed into a private Art Club D137 and along with exhibition activities holds various art (including charity) events, round tables, film screenings on contemporary art, creative meetings with artists and cultural figures, publishes catalogs and books on art.
Antonov Gallery
Address: 40/11, Rubinstein str.
Founders: Tatiana Kolpakova, Ilya Sologub
Director: Ilya Sologub

The gallery in St. Petersburg is the second space of the Yekaterinburg sculptor Andrei Antonov's foundation (1944-2011).

The gallery represents the modern and contemporary art of famous masters and young talented artists.
Library of book graphics
Address: 7-Ya Krasnoarmeyskaya Ulitsa, 30
Website: biblioteka-knizhnoj-grafiki
Founder: Committee on Culture of St. Petersburg
Director: Yana Sedelnikova
Year of founding: 2008

The library of book graphics is an exhibition and educational project that exists on the basis of Lermontovka (a network of libraries in the Central and Admiralty districts of St. Petersburg). As part of the project, exhibitions and educational events of various formats are held on the history of the book, the art of its design, graphic design, and current artistic processes.

The library of book graphics shares space with two other sites: the Center for British Books and the Comics Library.

Berthold Center
Address: Grazhdanskaya Ulitsa, 13-15
Creative cluster
Founder and director: Roman Krasilnikov
Year of founding: 2016

Berthold Center is a multifunctional project whose goal is to create favorable conditions for the development of the cultural component of St. Petersburg.

The territory of the Berthold Center includes establishments of various formats - from cafes and bars to hairdressers and shops. The project organizers sought to create a space that includes all amenities, with the possibility of holding various cultural events.

Art Square Gallery
Address: Italyanskaya st., 5
Founder: Mikhail Sasonko
Director: Artem Magalashvili
Year of founding: 2017

Arts Square Gallery is a multifunctional exhibition platform and a creative laboratory with workshops, lectures, concerts, auctions, fashion shows and film premieres. Contemporary art is one of the priorities of the gallery. The gallery also has a rich historical collection of Russian painting of the XX century.

The current premises of the gallery in 1909-1910 was the apartment of Anna Pavlova, the soloist of the Imperial ballet troupe. Now in the gallery there is a mirror room dedicated to the memory of the great ballerina.
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